Inner Yoga Affiliate Program



A Win-Win-Win Situation...

We all know how popular the physical-asana aspect of yoga is. Tens of millions of people go to yoga classes every week. David and his team are committed to making the practices and teachings of Inner Yoga available to sincere yoga students all over the world. But we need your help. 

We created our affiliate program to be an easy way for you to help us reach the students that need to be reached and for you to get rewarded for your efforts. They win because they get trained in Inner Yoga, you win because you’re doing a great service and getting paid in the process, and the world wins because more people are working on their hearts, waking up, and bringing their light into their lives. Win-win-win! 

How Does It Work?

Our affiliate program couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve experienced David’s teachings, or enrolled in an Inner Yoga course or training, you’ll be eligible to share information about the program with others via your email list, social media feed, or just good-old word-of-mouth. We will provide sign-up links that you can share with your people and if they register for something, you’ll get paid either a percentage of their tuition (for all courses), or a flat fee for teacher training sign-ups. 

How Much are We Talking About?

We know your connections - social or professional - are precious, so we want to make it worth your while to inform and encourage people to get involved in Inner Yoga. And we also know that it always helps to have various streams of income in our lives. This is especially true for yoga teachers and healers, we all need all the help we can get! So for the courses, we will give you 30% of the tuition fee for anyone from your tribe who signs up for a course. Your tribe will also receive a 10% discount for each course. The reward for Teacher Training acceptance and enrollment is a flat $1000 per person

So if someone from your list signs up for the Inner Yoga Immersion ($650 tuition), we’ll send you $175. If they sign up for the Courage to Change ($425 tuition), you’ll get $114.  For the shorter courses ($275 tuition) we’ll kick back $74.

You do the math!  If you really commit to the program, you could easily supplement your income with very little effort. 

Who is Eligible for the Affiliate Program?

We really want people who have experienced Inner Yoga to be our ambassadors, so ideally we want people who have taken the programs they are promoting. But... we also know that David has students and fans from many different sources, so we’re open. The main thing is that you yourself have been impacted by David’s Teachings and can share from the heart about your experience. We’re not just in this for the money, and don’t want you to be either. 

The Big Picture

The big idea that we have for the program is a situation where everyone benefits. Our vision is one where Inner Yoga is “a thing,” a vision where there are solid, deep meditation classes and Inner Yoga teaching programs are available everywhere with people gathering to do yoga and where people everywhere are walking their paths with tremendous support and reaping tremendous results. 

So if you’ve been touched by this work and you’re ready to help us help the people in your world, reach out!