Don’t Go It Alone!

The spiritual path was never meant to be walked alone. Of course, the deep experiences and innermost growth happens in a solitary way, but those movements are best supported when we also have a community or sangha to practice with and be a part of. Traditionally, spiritual communities have teachers, students, and newer members who are just checking it all out. Our community has all of that. Along with David, we have a range of Inner Yoga Teachers, senior students that have been working with David for many years, and all kinds of other people who connect to the teachings and practices and various levels.

The Sangha

Sangha is the Sanskrit word for spiritual community. Students of Inner Yoga and others who have connected with David’s teachings are all over the world from many walks of life. In this modern age of technology, we don’t need to live in one place. We stay connected through our social media pages, online courses, and, of course, when we see each other at David’s events throughout the year.

We Welcome You

Whoever you are, wherever you are, we welcome you. There’s no requirement for “membership,” just a sincere interest in becoming freer, happier, and more aligned with your own greatness.

A note on Patreon:

For those who were part of our Patreon community, we thank you! We've decided to retire from that platform and provide a lot of our content for free and Patreon does not allow that. We also have a vision of a thriving community where there's not only content from us but true community, interactions, discussions, questions and everyone getting to know each other. Until there's a better platform for that, we're going back to Facebook with 2 groups.

If you want to get connected and be a part of our community, you can join our Facebook Groups!


Please join us on these groups, get to know the Soulful Living/Inner Yoga Sangha, ask questions and support each other on our unique journeys!!