The Courage to Change

The Courage To Change is a course in no-bullshit, deep transformation. It’s based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous – but it’s not about addiction or alcoholism. The 12 Steps provide an amazing in-depth path of self-inquiry and deep change. The course lasts 12 weeks – you will receive one step per week – and you will actually go through the steps and apply each one to whatever habits are holding you back from having the best life. The 12 Steps have helped countless millions of people break the shackles of addiction to drugs, relationships, poverty, gambling, food, and more. This course has the power to give you a deep look at yourself and tools to walk into a new, free, empowered life of your dreams.

Every week you will get lesson with a discussion on the Step of the week and homework to get you “working the step”. This is a POTENT course. There is no way you can get through this 12 week course without making serious transformational progress!

The value of this course is massive. We want EVERYONE to do this course, so we have flexible payment options.