Inner Yoga Mastery


Learn to teach Inner Yoga!

David has been teaching, healing, and empowering others for more than 20 years. Let him bring out the teacher/leader/healer in you! This year, he is offering a powerful 9 month training to help qualified people learn to serve others in their process of transformation. The training uses an e-learning platform, so you can do it from wherever you live.


Inner Yoga 500+ Hour Teacher Training


The Training is not for the meek of heart. Along with the requirements (listed to the right) it’s assumed that you have an established spiritual practice and/or long term engagement with transformational work such as yoga, psychotherapy, meditation, etc. The training will be a deep dive into your own transformation combined with a rigorous professional training experience. Over the course of the 9 months you will learn:

  • How to meditate and lead others in the 27 techniques of Living Meditation.
  • The philosophical background and real-life applications of Inner Yoga.
  • The practices of meditation, mantra, atma vichara (self inquiry), swadhyaya (sacred study), namasankritana (chanting), bhavana (working with feelings, states, and attitudes), advanced practice, and sahaja samadhi (living meditation).
  • How to facilitate group discussions and give simple dharma talks.
  • How to lead meditation and relaxation exercises in corporations and institutions.
  • How to do one-on-one inner yoga coaching sessions.
  • How to handle problem students.
  • How to create physical environments that enhance meditation and inner work.
  • How to integrate physical asanas and pranayamas into your classes and sessions.

Trainees Must:

  • Commit to a daily sitting practice for the whole 9 months.

  • Abstain from drugs and alcohol for the duration of the training.

  • Complete reading and written essay assignments on time.

  • Do at least one private session with David per month.

  • Attend two live events with David during the 9 months.



What’s included?

  • The 9 months will consist of three 90 day trimesters following an online course format with reading assignments, meditation practice assignments, and eventually practical teaching assignments.

  • Each trainee gets to train individually with David.  Sessions are conducted via Zoom or in person depending on trainee’s location. Each month in a private session, David will provide an assessment of your progress.

  • There will also be a members-only online discussion board that you are expected to be an active participant in.

  • Regular online group sessions (Dates TBD)

  • Free access to many of David’s Home Study Courses

  • Deep discounts on regular Living Meditation Retreats – we want you to come to as many retreats as possible over the course of the training.


Training Options and tuition plans:

Tuition: $7000 paid in one payment (save $875). $7250 paid in two payments of $3625 (save $625).  $7875 paid in 9 payments of $875


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