Welcome to the Inner Yoga Revolution

There’s so much more to yoga than Downward-facing-dog. Millions of people practice yoga every day around the world but relatively few are able to enjoy the deep, life-changing fruits of the “inner” practices of yoga such as meditation, chanting, ego work, and self-inquiry. David Harshada Wagner is on a mission to change this and offer the practice and teachings of Inner Yoga to people all over the world. Inner Yoga practices and teachings are rooted in the mystical tradition of yoga, but presented and taught in a very contemporary and relevant way. Many modern yoga practitioners are ready to go deeper, to learn more, to root their practice in the traditions of yoga, and dive into the next level of personal transformation.

We use the term “Inner Yoga” but really it’s just traditional yoga. The heavy emphasis on physical postures that we see nowadays is a modern thing. For thousands of years, yoga was known as a deep and personal path to God, to freedom and inner illumination. The physical work is great for many things, but I am super committed to get people into the deep stuff. I’m so excited to see what happens when the wider yoga world embraces Inner Yoga.
— David Harshada Wagner

We are currently offering two new powerful online training options for people wanting to dive deep into Inner Yoga and take their practice and understanding to a new level. Here’s how David describes his process of creating the  core trainings.

I sat down with some of my senior students and collaborators on my team and asked “What if I could do anything, offer any course, what would it be?” There’s such a need for this work and very few teachers are teaching this stuff in a deep way. And if it is being taught, it’s rarely all in one program. So we came up with a 9 week and a 9 month options. The 9 month option is really a deep teacher training, whether people intend to be teachers or not. It’s an incredible training, but it’s intense and a huge commitment. Not everyone is ready to dive into that kind of training. So we also made the 9 week immersion. Anyone can do that. It’s still intense, and very very deep.
— David Harshada Wagner

Inner Yoga Immersion

This is our 9 Week Immersion Course. 9 weeks, 9 multimedia training sessions, guided meditations, and more. It’s all online and there’s nothing like it.


Inner Yoga Mastery - Teacher Training

This is our 9 Month Mastery Teacher Training. This is for people ready for a deeper commitment. 9 Months of guided practice, 9 months of scriptural study, 9 months of self study, private training sessions with David, certification as a Living Meditation Teacher, and much much more.


I really want every serious yoga student, every yoga teacher, and every aspiring yogi to do this work. Hopefully, everyone will be able to choose one program or the other. And the purpose is to really light people up and empower them to give their gift. There is so much potential in the yoga world that’s not being tapped. These trainings are going to tap the heck out of all that potential, with that kind of power, we really can change the world.
— David Harshada Wagner

All of David's teachings are led by his work with Inner Yoga and although the core courses above are highly recommended to forward your Inner Yoga practice, we also have a diverse set of course options for people from all walks of life at any point along their spiritual path. To explore these courses click the button below.