The Art of

Soulful Parenting

 Enrollment open now. Course starts June 17, 2018 


Parenting can be an experience of heaven or hell depending on how you approach it. It's one of the greatest privileges and responsibilities, and also one of the greatest challenges. We all love our kids so much and want to be the best parents we can be, but what does this really mean? 

The Art of Soulful Parenting Course is a Four Week exploration of parenting through the lens of soulfulness. How can we approach our parenting as a spiritual path? What does it mean to hold space for the souls of our kids? How can we navigate the hard moments of parenting with wisdom and grace? What is the vision for our family?  These are the kinds of questions we will be examining and delving into in the course. 



How Do We Become a Soulful Parent?

The short answer to this question is that we intend to be more soulful and then do our parenting work with an attitude of trial-and-error. It’s a process that lasts a lifetime and there are no easy answers or quick fixes. But we are all busy people, and the stakes are so high when it comes to our kids, so David has designed this course to be a deep jump-start for parents to enhance their experience of parenting.

The course is also meant to give a big dose of support to conscious parents. Often we are can feel isolated and on our own. The oft-quoted African proverb says "It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, David believes it also takes a child to raise a village. Our children in our life and in our care give us such an important reason to rise up and be the best people we can be for them. This course is here to help that process.  



How Does the Course Work? 

It lasts for four weeks.

Each week David leads you through an exploration of a different facet of parenting and helps you to examine your existing patterns, good and bad habits, and areas of potential growth as a parent.

This course includes:

  • A video message from David each week
  • An in-depth written lesson and a meditation focus for the week
  • A special audio guided meditation to use during the course
  • Weekly “homework” exercises to practice during the week in-between lessons to make the material real
  • Access to a members-only Facebook group to connect with David and other soulful parents
  • Each week of the course, David will also do a live video call on Zoom for participants where you can ask questions and get extra support for your process (All video calls will be recorded and will be posted as downloadable videos)



How Much Time Will It Take? 

That’s really up to you! David designed the course with busy active parents in mind. Watching the video and reading the lesson every week takes less than 30 minutes, but ideally you will read and re-read the lesson multiple times during the week. The homework assignments - including daily meditation - won’t take a lot of time but will give you a chance to put the teachings into practice, “walk the talk” so to speak. 

 Enrollment open now. Course starts June 17, 2018

Availability limited:

Private Sessions are a value of $250 for 50-min session with David and are a great complement to the online course. Over the years, David has facilitated breakthroughs with hundreds of people in these private sessions. Please see here or email us for more information.


YOur instructor

David Harshada Wagner has been helping people from all walks of life open their hearts and unleash the power of their souls since 1996. He is the proud father of two and considers his work as a dad to be his “primary teaching gig”.

Being father is such a deep privilege and it’s an ass-kicking version of karma yoga. Their bodies are little but their souls are old. It’s so important to remember that and so easy to forget what’s important and get caught in the minutiae of day-to-day kid care. Our kids have souls that need our soul-attention.   I love working with parents because I know the work we do together is going to be used. 

He is the author of the men’s book Backbone, a teacher on, and teaches on the faculties of Kripalu and Omega Institutes. David has a way of taking his decades of deep learning and teaching and making the most profound wisdom readily accessible.