Whole Man Code


This four week course is designed to help men to optimize their experience of life and themselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The WHOLE MAN CODE is comprised of 25 timeless principles to help men be happier, more excellent at life, and stronger in every way. Every week has a different focus featuring teachings from the Code along with journal writing exercises, meditation practices, and other "homework" to help men to dial themselves in and get more on track with what's important in life.


The course includes questions
and guidance on life purpose, relationships, leadership, 
pAssion, wellness and practical spirituality.


The course is an easy-to-use resource for men, but it does include some hard work. The lessons require you to dig deep, be brutally honest, and kick your own ass a little bit. You can take it as seriously or as casually as you like. Once you register, you will have the course materials forever. And upon completion of the course, you'll be eligible to attend one of our many Whole Man Training Academy events, and connection with Whole Man Training Groups around the world.



And you won't be alone. This self-leadership work can be difficult and even grueling sometimes. Every lesson has a comment thread that David monitors regularly and he is available by email to answer questions for the entire duration of the course. Many men choose to include private training sessions with David as part of their basic course. We try to make this a course that is right for every man. No matter how much or how little time and energy you have to give, this course will definitely set you in a better direction, and give you a TON of support on your journey.



This course is based on David's best-selling book - Backbone: The Modern Man's Ultimate Guide to Purpose, Passion and Power

You deserve the best of life. And your life deserves the best of you.

What does it mean to be a powerful happy man in today s world? What does it take for a man to know himself, know his mission in life, and live a life of strength, honor, and wisdom?

Learning to be a good man used to be part of our culture; sons learned from fathers, nephews learned from uncles, apprentices learned from masters. But today this rarely happens. Modern men have to figure it out by themselves. Backbone is a practical, step-by-step guide to help men know themselves deeply, root out weaknesses, enhance strengths, and upgrade their experience of life.

Backbone combines no-nonsense wisdom with brutally honest exercises to help men to: find their purpose and be on track with their vision
access and hone their spiritual and emotional intelligence
get free from unhelpful beliefs, patterns, and habits
live an amazing, powerful, passion-filled life.


Special Bonus!

For many years, David has been committed to supporting active duty military personnel and combat veterans. We are proud to announce that for every regular course registration, we'll be gifting a course enrollment to a US Soldier or Marine. One of David's good friends is a combat vet who is now an on-base counselor for military and their families in-between deployments. He's been using David's book BACKBONE as a resource with his men and now is helping to facilitate this course give-away. This way, your enrollment in the course goes beyond the good it does for you in your life. These guys work SO HARD on our behalf, and this way we can give something back. In some cases, men will be doing the WMC work overseas on deployment.